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Avalis premium extra virgin olive oil

With great respect to our heritage, our blessed land, our past and

future prospect, we provide you a unique journey of taste through our

premium  extra  virgin olive oil.

Avalis premium extra virgin olive oil

Internal Control of our ultimate handcrafted products
In a combination with our university degree in Chemical Engineering and our insistence on detail, we developed our own HAACP food quality control system combined with our certification of ISO 22000: 2018. During our packaging process, each and every bottle of AVALIS® Premium extra virgin olive oil undergoes four quality controls in order to ensure ultra-low acidity, below 0.3, and maximize the quality of our products by preserving their unique constituents.
1. Chemical analysis of our extra virgin olive oil to measure the acidity and ensure that no oxidation has occurred until its bottling.
2. Manual bottling of our Premium extra virgin olive oil and labeling by hand with special care.
3. Verification that each and every cork is well adjusted to the bottle and the lot number has the right expiration date.
4. We package our bottles of AVALIS® Premium extra virgin olive oil with great care so that you receive our products intact and be offered an unparalleled taste experience.

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