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Avalis premium extra virgin olive oil

With great respect to our heritage, our blessed land, our past and

future prospect, we provide you a unique journey of taste through our

premium  extra  virgin olive oil.

 Avalis premium extra virgin olive oil

Our single varietal extra virgin olive oil is produced by the rarest Greek variety of olives called ''Manaki'' which exclusively grows in the northern part of the Peloponnese. Every year the harvest period begins at the beginning of November, much earlier than the common harvest period. Οur experience in olive oil production for more than three generations showed us that early harvesting enables olives to impart a more intensely fruity and balanced flavor to the olive oil. Moreover, as a result of early harvesting, our olive oil has an exceptional aroma and it contributes to your health as it has higher levels of polyphenols and antioxidants.


Our family owns one of the oldest olive groves in Greece, where Avalis trees exclusively grow. The Mediterranean microclimate of the region in combination with the mountain breeze constitutes an ideal environment for our olive grove. We collect olives by hand with great care, in order to ensure a higher quality olive oil and the preservation of the unique nutrients. In less than 24 hours from harvesting, we transfer our olives to the olive oil press, and by the method of cold extraction that keeps the temperature of extracting olive oil under 27°C, we maintain all of the beneficial substances of our olive oil. Before bottling, our olive oil is stored in stainless steel tanks, for a short period of time, which allows for natural sedimentation under ideal conditions.


Our history : In Greece our ancestors cultivated for over 7000 years olive trees and produced the highest quality extra virgin olive oil in the world as we still do until today, the 'liquid gold', as it is often referred to in  Homer's poems. According to Greek mythology, Goddess Athena offered the olive tree to the Greeks and taught them how to cultivate it . The olive tree was Athena's holy tree and it used to grew on the Acropolis hill. Indicative of the importance of the olive tree for Athens, and generally for entire Greece, is that Athenians used to depict Goddess Athena wearing an olive wreath and holding a jar of olive oil or an olive branch on their coins. Furthermore,  the olive branch was awarded to all the winners of the Olympic Games since  776 B.C and in antiquity it symbolized the peace and mandatory truce all around the world.

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